The theme at tonight’s opening reception for the National Association of Black Journalists convention was adapted from “Cheers” – that old TV show about a bar and its regulars with a theme song I’ve referenced in the title above. It seems appropriate, because I have now been to so many NABJ conventions that when I see a familiar face there, I’m not sure if I’ve actually met that person, or if I’ve just seen their face repeatedly at past conventions.

I’m thrilled to be back here – I missed the 2013 convention in Orlando because I had just recently started working at The Associated Press. This year’s is in Boston, where I worked at The Boston Globe from 2004-2008.  So even more familiar faces!

Here’s a sampling of the workshops and seminars and panels I’ll be going to this week:

  •  A Conversation with Charles Ogletree on Race in America 2014
  •  Writing, Editing, Design, Computing: An Introduction to Computational Journalism
  •  Cultivating Personal Wealth: Are You Financially Fit?
  •  Transforming Media: Fairly and Accurately Reporting on Black Trans Americans
  • Covering Islam: Facts and Fiction

If you see me there, come over and say hi!