Stephanie Siek is a lifelong writer who has been fortunate enough to spend her life meeting interesting people and writing about fascinating things. Wait, why is she writing this in the third person?

Look, this pandemic era is all about breaking convention and creating new paradigms, so here we go:

I became a journalist because it gives me a chance to explore all the things I’m interested in. Regardless of the subject area, I’m fascinated by things that are changing, things that don’t fit, and things that challenge what we think we knew. I love finding answers to those random questions we think of in the shower as much as I love probing the whys and hows of more serious topics like racial justice and socioeconomic inequality.

And now, after many years of working in several different storytelling capacities at large news organizations (most recently MSNBC, The New York Times and The Associated Press), I’m taking some time to really explore those interests and get back to writing and editing stories.

I’m excited to do more longer-form and narrative writing (after years crafting the perfect tweet or the most engaging-yet-accurate video clip description), and I’m branching into essays. You can find much of my most recent work at, where I write a weekly race and racism news roundup for the Momentum vertical and recently published a very well-received profile on proto-grunge pioneer Tina Bell.

Are you an editor looking for writers? Need someone to edit or proofread your content? Have a story idea you think would be perfect for me? Can you help me figure out how to expand Tina Bell’s profile into a book that explores her life and legacy of a Black woman rocker who influenced some of the grunge era’s seminal bands? Hit me up!

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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Great work on your recent article “Who’s a Native American? It’s complicated” on InAmerica’s blog. I tried emailing you about citing it for an upcoming conference (on Monday) but gmail keeps telling me it doesn’t recognize your email address. I hope you get this in time.

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